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Spiritual Counseling and Divine Guidance Sessions

Angel Lightfeather offers Spiritual Counseling, Divine Guidance Sessions, Messages from the other side, healings, direct messages from Jesus, the angels and other enlightened beings.


Get a Spiritual Guidance and Healing Session From Angel in Person or On the Phone.


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See Below for some of the Sessions available to you:

Raindrop Therapy - high vibrational very pure essential oils applied to the spine causing amazing changes in the immune system. I have seen it totally move the spine into a perfect line. It continues to heal the body over a seven day period of time.

People that love their horses may also have this technique applied to their horses to put them in top shape. I offer this amazing healing technique to my clients to put them in top physical condition and improve their immune system. Must Schedule in advance ( two hour session)

Edgar Casey Healing - when a body area is in pain and discomfort this healing technique is amazing. Castor Oil Heat Pack, Divine Prayer(1-2 hour session)

T-Touch- healing technique used successfully on dogs, cats, horses and humans. It changes behavior and response to outside influences and emotional response. (If scheduling horses or animals please schedule in advance)

Divine Purification- an amazing three week program (everyday full time fully supervised) preparing a purification of physical form to reach higher levels of Spiritual Enlightenment. Releases drugs, radiation, harmful toxins from food and the environment, leaving you in a released and joyful state of being. (Medical release and pass physical)

Healing Assists - Any painful collisions or impacts physically leave energy channels in standing waves that may cause physical problems in the future. We have many healing techniques that may assist you.

Sacred Healing and Blessings- There are many times in our lives when the power and purity of prayer comfort our hearts and our loved ones. Blessings on a one on one basis and large groups.

Transition Assists and Releasing Karmic Debt - How to deal with death - an experience we all go through. How to retain your knowledge, release to God and release Karmic Debt. Learn the Art of Transition and release ALL fear.

Soul Walking - Divine Technique given by Divine Masters, Given IN-SESSION using Sacred device called Soul Walkers™ Truly an amazing gift.

The Healing Techniques of Hanna - Naturpathic Healing Herbs and Master Formulas created by this wonderful healer - Muscle & Skeletal Chart work, includes the setting of the tail bone, attaching the brain stem and many wonderful and amazing healing techniques. Dr. Angel Lightfeather has the honor of meeting Hanna many years ago and shares many miracles of this work during her many years as a naturopathic teacher and healer.

Healing Vibrations - Everything in this world and this universe is composed of vibrations. There are vibrations of emotions, illness and disease, and healing vibrations. Vibrapathics and Homeopathics containing exact vibrations to assist your life force are created specifically for you and the vibrations that you carry.

Sacred Soul Journeys - Divine Paths to Spiritual Enlightenment directed by Divine Masters as Jesus, Mother Mary, Dali Lama, Buddha and highly evolved Beings of Light. Journeys include visitations to Sacred Places including The Most Sacred and Holy Alter of God. (Pre-requisite = Divine Purification)

Divine Healing Room - Manifested into this time and dimension by The Divine Masters. As in the times of Jesus, you are invited to partake of the lessons, healing techniques and become amazed at the beauty of your Soul as you walk upon your Divine Path of Enlightenment and Ascension. Only those who are truly ready are called to enter this enlightened path of ascension. The Sacred, The Purity, The Divine Light of God await you. (Intensives sold in 50 Hour Reservations)

Celebrity Healing - It is true you are unique, and very complicated for most to understand your intensity and your true path in this world. Celebrity Clearings are Divinely Guided sessions releasing the trauma and setting free of your Soul. There are many layers( like of an onion) that are addressed one at a time. Divine and special Celebrity Healing Techniques giving you the knowledge and certainty to carry your Soul Light - Your God given Light into this Manifestation on this physical plane. Everything in your sessions is forever confidential. (Sold in 50 Hour Block Reservations) Many traveling from foreign countries that speak languages other than English bring translators with them. Thank you.

Weddings and Sacred Commitment Vows - As we travel through Lifes Journey, if we are so Blessed as to meet another Soul to join us in a Sacred Holy Union, this is a most delightful time to Celebrate. Rev. Dr. Angel Lightfeather works with you to accomplish this Divine Celebration. She is a Non-Denominational Ordained Minister. She will work with you and design your vows of Love To Cherish and Honor Always. Many have been married on the vortex in beautiful Sedona by Angel.

The Love Clinic - Sacred Prayers to meet your Perfect Soul Mate. Why havent't you met your significant other? Your Soul Mate? Your Twin Flame? Why haven't you met the one you truly love, that loves you? Together, we will ask for these answers and Divine Prayer for guidance to bring your Love to you.

Past Lives - The question that many have is "Have I ever really lived before?" This and so much more can be answered. We may touch upon past lives and gain clarity and understanding. Sometimes difficulties can arise in your lifetime to cause alot of difficulty. We may release you from this trauma during your spiritual counseling session.

Messages From Loved Ones Crossed Over - It is all about Love. Those that you love may be contacted from the other side. I was once asked if it is right that I do these things. I prayered over the Bible and asked my Father who art in Heaven to please give me the answer to this question. I was born with the gift to see in both worlds and so to me it is a very natural thing to do. As I prayed over the Bible in reverence the Bible fell open to Hebrews and my eyes went directly to the words "If it is the will of God it is so." Everything is done with Love and is all about love. If there is a connection with Love we can most often make contact.


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